The Frowning Vajayjays of Shady Pines

By Vicki Vodrey

What happens in the nursing home, stays in the nursing home.

About the Show

Walkers and wheelchairs may be the norm; funerals may be commonplace. But that doesn’t get Lila, Marilyn and Peggy down, three of the southern belles that live at Shady Pines Retirement Home. Normally quite happy playing bridge, attending Bingo games and flirting with their physical therapist, the ladies get along until thrown a curve ball – Lila’s assignment of the new roommate, Bertie Wright.

Suddenly, Bertie, who is African-American, throws a little more color into a mostly all white retirement home – in more ways than one. If you’re thinking ‘old dogs can’t learn new tricks’ – think again!”

Reviews and Press

A crucial part of a great production is always an amazing script. Every zinger (appropriate or crude) that Allen, Marcy and Mosley threw out in the production was gold and will leave audiences in stitches. In addition, Vodrey was able to delicately balanced black comedy and historical drama, while injecting some philosophy into the production.

Final thoughts & grade: The Frowning Vajayjays of Shady Pines is a brilliant dramedy that showcases how the power of one can break down barriers and change people. A

– Jacob Elyachar, Jakes Take, 2014

The story, set in the South, confronts both the changing attitudes or racial prejudices and the challenge to let go of old ways and start building new relationships. Expect lots of fun and jokes as the show begins, but as the characters slowly allow their facades to dissolve, the deeper feelings and drives emerge.

– Bob Evans, The Examiner, 2014