Headed To Heaven W/ Flat Jimmy Fallon

About the Show

Angela took her own life with a bullet to her head, and at her funeral service, you’ll find out why. Her will stated three requests – to bury her with her dog Ollie’s ashes, to put her cardboard cut-out of Jimmy Fallon in the casket, and for her twin, Ethan, to give her eulogy by reading the handwritten thank you notes that she left behind – to be delivered in the fashion of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes segment.

Very much a presence from beyond the grave, her service changes the lives of her twin, his wife, and all in attendance. Quirky and twisted, funny and disturbing, this dark but touching comedy/drama brings laughter and tears, mystery and surpise.

This dark comedy is a funeral service like you’ve never experienced before! KA-BOOM! One gunshot, and Angela is headed to the afterlife – and she’s taking cardboard cut-out Jimmy with her! Celebrate her life and her love of pop culture, family and ‘everything Jimmy’.

You’ve never been to a funeral as quirky and twisted as THIS!

Reviews and Press

Playwright Vicki Vodrey combines element of farce, satire and classical tragedy in ‘Thank You Notes: Headed to Heaven With Flat Jimmy Fallon,’ an entry in the KC Fringe Festival that stands out for the quality of the performances…

Indeed, much of the play’s tension comes from the sharp contrast between the exuberance of Severo’s performance and Cox’s portrait of a man fulfilling a painful obligation while barely able to contain his deep feelings. Both actors are excellent.

…if you’re like me, you will be haunted this show’s surprising emotional impact.

This play is disturbing, but it’s also inspiring. Vodrey has a unique voice.”
Robert Trussel, Kansas City Star

“Vicki Vodrey’s THANK YOU NOTES: Headed to Heaven with Flat Jimmy Fallon is one of those off-Broadway surprises that make the search for good theatre worthwhile and so exciting. Take a totally off-the-wall concept executed by lovable but slightly bizarre characters, pepper it with lots of humor and a pinch of poignancy that packs a powerful punch (try saying that three times fast), and you end up with a breath-taking production… Vodrey’s honesty and courage in presenting a unique relationship is so effective and admirable that you will want to send her a thank you note. You shouldn’t miss this 60-minute funeral – THANK YOU NOTES is heavenly!”
Laurie Lawson, Off-Broadway

“Thank You Notes is a bizarre, moving and entertaining twist on A.R.Gurney’s Love Letters, and may be picked up by actors who like working together to attract audiences. This production of Thank You Notes by the mega-talented Vicky Vodrey does just this.”
Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts

“The talented playwright has ventured into territory explored by the Greeks, Romans, Norse…However, all this has been cast as tragedy. Vicki Vodrey has taken it to comedy. ‘Putting the fun in funeral.’”
Beatrice Williams-Rude, NYC Stage Review

Haven’t seen anything quite like this… a knock out punch of a show…

Loved it!! Seriously!

Very Powerful

Excellent writing

Wickedly Funny

Very Emotional

I officiated at funerals for 25 years – This is a eulogy not to be missed!

Audience Comments


Headed To Heaven W/ Flat Jimmy Fallon was performed at the 2012 Kansas City Fringe Festival. After performances at the KC Fringe Fest, the troupe traveled to New York City to perform in the Midtown International Theatre Festival