Every person has a story to tell. I get most of my ideas from listening to and watching people, and then just letting my imagination go with it. And as I’ve written for the last several years, I realize that most people would agree that two reoccurring themes consistently show up in my work. Some would say dysfunctional relationships (even though I’m of the belief that dysfunction is the norm). The other, which I wholeheartedly agree with, is loss. Obviously, loss can be quite tragic. It can also be very comedic. It is a common denominator of the human condition, one that we all can relate to and cannot escape. It can be heartbreaking. It can be empowering. Loss bonds us as people.

I strive to have the audience feel like Peeping Toms, watching others’ lives unfold as they observe through that special “window” that only an audience member has. Whether it be a dark comedy or a drama, I want each audience member to feel like they’re privy to the utmost private moments of the characters’ lives. Nothing can beat the feeling of watching a performance that is totally engaging, knowing that it is special and will never be exactly duplicated again.

Most of my work leans to the quirky side, whether the setting is a funeral, a living room full of Disney décor and pet ashes, or a hospital room. My friend Jack once called me “the queen of quirk.” I’ll take that as a compliment.

More About Vicki

This April, Vicki and her one-act play, Platter Tudes, will be part of the William Inge Play Lab, celebrating the 35th year of the William Inge Theatre Festival. Her play, Just Between Friends, was featured in the Unicorn Theatre’s In-Progress Play Reading Series in January 2016.

This past summer, Vicki’s dark comedy, Hard Day’s Night, was selected to be a participant in the New York International Fringe Festival, where it played to full houses. It was originally produced in the 2014 KC Fringe Festival and was picked by Anthony Rogers with KCMetropolis as one of the best shows of the 2013-2014 KC theatre season. Vicki’s play, “Sue Aside…” was produced by Phoenix KC Theatre in July 2015 at the KC Fringe Festival.

Her play, The Frowning Vajayjays of Shady Pines, was selected by Script2Stage2Screen for their 2014-2015 season, first being produced by Melting Pot KC in 2014. This past March, her dark comedy, Hanky Panky, made its west coast premiere at S2S2S. It was in the 2010 KC Fringe Fest and was a semi-finalist in the TRU New Voices Playwriting Competition that same year.

Hanky Panky and her play Thank You Notes: Headed To Heaven W/ Flat Jimmy Fallon (which debuted in KC Fringe) were in the Midtown International Theatre Festival in 2011 and 2012 in NYC, and both were nominated for Outstanding New Script. Her first play, Trembles, was a top-three winner in the Gorilla Theatre Playwriting Competition and was also produced as a benefit for KC Hospice by Eubank Productions.

She is very excited to be one of the founding members of Midwest Dramatists Center, a new organization that is based in KC. She is a member of Actors’ Equity Association and the Dramatists’ Guild. For further information and reviews, please go to vickivodrey.com.